Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chooks to Go Franchise | How to Franchise Chooks to Go

Chooks to Go is silently taking the chicken dinner staple industry by storm. Lots of people have actually tried Chooks to Go and they only have positive feedback for the said chicken product. You'll know that a business is selling a lot when you see it expanding i.e. branches popping up everywhere in Metro Manila to nearby provinces.

Franchising a Chooks to Go branch would be very profitable indeed. So it is with great dismay to inform you know that Chooks to Go is currently not open for franchising. I contacted a sales representative and here's what he/she had to say:

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately we are not open for franchising business yet, all of our Chooks to go outlets are owned and operated by the company.

For any questions you can reach us at our customer care text line, just type, Chooks_name/message send to 2960 or you can visit our website for further inquiries.
Just like the message above says, you need to go to the Chooks to Go website for more possible franchise information.


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