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Master Siomai Franchise | How to Franchise Master Siomai

A food cart business developed by Masterrific Foods, Master Siomai is a 9 year old company that started supplying processed meat products such as ham, bacon, burger patties, and especially siomai products to hotels, restaurants, and market places in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

The company’s modest success in the food processing and distribution business gave the company the impetus to venture into another highly promising business endeavor which is food cart franchising in 2007 - Master Siomai.

Master Siomai’s rapid growth despite being in the franchising business for just over a year can be attributed to its mouth watering Japanese siomai, which is a specially made pork siomai wrapped in authentic Japanese seaweed, topped with crabstick, and its very attractive and Japanese inspired food cart. Aside from its pioneering Japanese siomai it also boasts of its Pork And Shrimp, and Beef Siomai and its thirst quenching Gulaman Pandan drink.

To date, Master Siomai has more than 100 franchised outlets around Metro Manila in nearby provinces.


* Proven popular product with a Japanese twist
* We’re an establishment food company that supplies high quality food products to 5 star hotels and groceries.
* Low total investment
* Fast ROI
* Continues research and development

Steps in Franchising Master Siomai:

1. You must look for you own location.
A. If the location is within the mall you must have an award notice or lease proposal before we evaluate.
B. If the location is in a busy street, terminal, school or campus, you must have a verbal or written agreement with the leasor that the location will be leased by you before we evaluate.
2. Call our office for the schedule of evaluation. (02) 351-1854 or (02) 282-4941 or (02) 355-5323.
3. Upon approval of site, 50% deposit to begin the construction of the cart.
4. Business operation meeting.
5. Orientation and training of your crew.
6. Franchise Agreement signing.
7. Full Payment upon delivery of the foodcart.

Complete Franchise Business Package
Php 280,000.00

Includes the following:

* 1 unit Japanese Inspired foodcart
* 1 unit 5 cu feet chest freezer
* 1 Stainless siomai steamer
* 1 Plastic juice container

1. Complete Kitchen wares, plastic wares and others;
1.1 1 juice ladle
1.2 1 kitchen knife
1.3 1 chopping board
1.4 2pc sauce bottles
1.5 1 food tong
1.6 1 tissue dispenser
1.7 1 styro box
1.8 Calculator
1.9 Stainless tray
2. Initial food and paper products worth P7,000;
Food Products
2.1 All siomai variants ( Japanese, Beef, Pork and Shrimp Siomai)
2.2 Special siomai sauce
2.3 Chili garlic sauce
2.4 Calamansi
2.5 Gulaman syrup
2.6 Gulaman powder
2.7 Mineral water
2.8 Sesame oil
Paper Products
2.9 Styro tray ( dine and take out)
2.10 Sando bags
2.11 Tissue
2.12 Take out sauce plastic
2.13 Toothpick
2.14 Plastic gloves
2.15 Plastic cups 12 oz.
3. Crew Uniforms;
3.1 4pc Master Siomai T-shirt
3.2 2pc Master Siomai sunvisor
4. Cleaning Supplies
4.1 1 plastic trash can
4.2 1 plastic broom
4.3 1 dust fan
4.4 Liquid soap
4.5 2ps towels
4.6 Mop
4.7 Chair

Contact details:

Tel: (02) 282-4941, 351-1854, 281-3635


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